We recommend starting your trip into Junkerdal from the gateways at either Storjord or Jakobsbakken.

Nordland National Park Center at Storjord (Photo: Laila Ingvaldsen)

Balvatnet (Photo: Oskar Pettersen)

Hiking in Junkerdal National Park

Junkerdal National Park boasts an extensive network of paths and several umanned cabins which makes it well suited for longer trips. Both Nordland National Park Center and Jakobsbakken are great gateways for shorter hikes in and around the national park. Maybe you’ll make it all the way to the summit of the spectavulat Solvågtinden?

Hunting and fishing

The national park is all government ground, and hunting and fishing liscences may be bought from Statskog. Read more about huntin and fishing rules here.

Fisherman (Photo: Jan Erik Hansen)

(Jakobsbakken bathed in northern lights – Photo: Bjørn Svendsen)

Travel and accommodation

Read more here about how to get to Junkerdal National Park and nearby accomodation.