About the national park

Junkerdal National Park is a large mountain area close to the Swedish border in the municipalities Saltdal and Fauske in Nordland County. In Junkerdal National Park you will find wide expanses, steep mountain peaks, lush valleys, great fishing and a rich plant life.

Fishing at Rosna (Photo: Marte Turtum)

Nordre Saulo (Photo: Kåre J. Pettersen)

Experience Junkerdal National Park

There are plenty of hiking possibilities with several marked paths and places to sleep both in and around the national park. Be considerate if you see reinder, birds and other animals. We encourage you to keep your dog on a leash all year round!

Plants and animals

Junkerdal National Park is a paradise for mountain plants, and many interesting animals and birds make their home in the park. Botanists have been fascinated by the national park for a number of years. The area has been part of a plant conservation area since 1928.

White dryad (Photo: Lukas Tietgen)

White semi-domesticated reindeer (Photo: Johan Rova)

History and culture

Junkerdal National Park may look untouched, but people have used the area for hundreds of years. Sami names in the mountains tell us who first named the different places of the area. The area is still very important for reindeer husbandry.

Management and supervision

Midtre Nordland National Park Board is the management authority, while Statskog Fjelltjenesten is the supervisory authority for the national park.

Board meeting (Photo: Oskar Pettersen)

Junkerdal National Park